Waste Management

What We Do

We gather, haul, transfer and dispose of municipal solid waste including recycling materials. We deal in construction, excavation, packaging and electronic waste.

What We Use

We were the first company to introduce a wide variety of garbage collecting vehicles equipped with modern-day technology, hybrid systems, and hydraulic pressures. We believe in applying technological breakthroughs to achieve a more beautiful tomorrow. Our vehicles and garbage disposal systems are manufactured in the top notch industries of Europe. Our garbage collecting automobiles are equipped with advanced machinery making the drive and reach of remote garbage cans across the narrowest and busiest roads, an achievable task. We have highly trained and experienced staff along with the widest range of vehicles to take away the weight of wastage from the environment. Our fleet includes EURO5 Class vehicles, having the lowest noise and emission levels, in line with our belief in safety, security, cleanliness and healthy environment. We strongly insist on our personnel safety which is why we strictly follow the highest standards of EN 1501.

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Sweeping and Waste Collection

Metn & Kesrwan, Lebanon

Council for Development and Reconstruction

Beirut, Lebanon

Municipality of Beirut